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Our telescope at a viewing site

A close look at a dinosaur track

Hercules Star Cluster

Alex Ludwig
Moab, Utah


DON’T MISS your opportunity to view Moab and the surrounding area in its unique dark sky setting. Here at Moab’s REDROCK ASTRONOMY we love to share our spectacular dark skies! We now live in a modern society where many of us live in light polluted areas. As a result of this, many have never had the opportunity to view the Milky Way as it should be seen - draped across the night time sky, glittering in its beauty and majesty!

To help people see the cosmos as it should be, we are pleased to bring you the opportunity to do just that. We are Moab’s ONLY complete astronomy tour! This is not a constellation pointing program. We do some of that using our green laser pointer, but your guide, Alex, wants to get you up into the cosmos with a personal experience all your own! Come along as Alex shows you planets, galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, and other breathtaking celestial sights with his high powered telescopes and learning tools. We offer a varied experience that will fill you with wonder at the vastness of our universe!

Exclusive groups from 2 to 40, young and old alike, can share in this unique and memorable Astronomy experience. My equipment is the finest! Professional series tracking telescopes from Celestron are identical to the ones chosen by NASA for the International Space Station! Eyepieces are the key to excellent viewing and we use the best – Televue.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing for Alex is sharing and teaching an appreciation for our special area. This is his 30th year guiding the rivers, canyons, skies and mountains of the southwest. Call or email us, and join in for your own REDROCK ASTRONOMY EXPERIENCE!!

Photos courtesy of Bret Webster
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