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Alex Ludwig
Moab, Utah

Courtesy of Action Shots

About your guide…

Alex has lived in the four corners region for most of his life. He has always enjoyed nature and the outdoors. His interest in telescopes and the cosmos started at an early age, and when he was 14, he built his own telescope, even grinding his own mirrors.

As he grew into adulthood, he enlisted in the military, where he remained for 8 ½ years at which time he also spent raising his family of three boys.

In 1989, he became a guide to the rivers, canyons, and mountains of the Southwest – by raft, kayak, 4WD, hiking, snowshoeing and climbing. He had the privilege of being the first to boat by raft or kayak the entire Colorado/Green River system and most of its tributaries – alone.

Alex’s interest, passion and experience in his beloved Southwest come from his background and lifelong interest in all things western. He is a treasure trove of historical, cultural, geographical and scientific information for the region and truly your one-stop guide and source for many of the fascinating aspects of the area.

Many are the times you could see Alex and his faithful, beloved dog of 24 years, Keva, rambling around the back country canyons and along the rivers in the region. In 2007 he formed Moab’s astronomy club and began informally reaching out to residents and area schools. He began teaching as Galileo in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy in 2009. Rising interest in what he was doing, along with his own personal passion, brought him to the creation of Moab RedRock Astronomy, where he loves providing residents, youth groups and faraway visitors alike, glimpses into the many mysteries of the cosmos, and to continue to share his fascination of the many wonders that are here in our corner of that universe.