Your Astronomy Trip
What to expect on your trip
What you may see

Alex Ludwig
Moab, Utah

What to expect on your trip…

We will meet at a designated spot around sunset as set up on your reservation booking or telephone/email check-in.

From there you will follow me in YOUR vehicle (or convoy if there are multiple groups) to one of my permitted exclusive dark sky sites, about 20 – 25 minutes out of downtown Moab so we can get away from the city lights. I have some great sites here on public lands, which are just outside Canyonlands or Arches National Park! There are usually convenient restrooms available there, as well.

Our groups can be as few as 2 or as many as 12 consisting of one party or several separate parties, (12 being the maximum; special booking nights for larger and/or exclusive groups are available)

While the telescope is being set up, we will start the tour with a fun, quick orientation & discussion of Moab and the surrounding area, your guide and equipment, and/or some telescope history. At that point we begin our basic discussion of the night sky. We will then view the cosmos through our high powered telescope for about 1½ to 2 hours. We will see and discuss all kinds of wonderful things, and you can ask as many questions as you wish. This is YOUR trip! Some of the things you can expect to see are Star Clusters, Planets, Nebulae, and faraway Galaxies! We can also talk about Western Native American ideas of the universe.

Our viewing quality will vary depending on the season, prevailing weather conditions, and how much moon we have! Cloud cover can limit our vision (though this is rare) but as the Moon nears full phase it gets so bright the view becomes “washed out” and even the Moon itself is too bright to view well! During these times tours are suspended for a few days. Please check out our "MOONED OUT" calendar found on the “Rates and Reservations” page!

Be sure to dress in layers, as the temperature can drop rapidly. Wear comfortable shoes and don’t forget to bring a hat, gloves, and a sweater or coat, depending on the season.
The more I know about your group and interests, the better I can tailor the program to you! I am also a local guide to the rivers, canyons and mountains in the area and am in my 25th year, so if you would like, I can also help you find the best trips and tours in our area, so please don’t hesitate to ask!